recruit the best. 

3D showcase for university specialties

Easily plan for crisis situations with instantly accessible floor plans and doll house views of your buildings.  Share fully immersible 3D tours with campus law enforcement, local law enforcement and community officials.  Allowing access to those responding to an emergency means being prepared. With a plan in place, law enforcement can quickly de-escalate a crisis.  Parents will be grateful to see the mattertags representing the security measures already in place.

Feature academic buildings, highlighting labs and classroom size.  Easily recruit instructors, professors and students with mattertags that show off the best you have to offer.  Athletes are convinced to sign with your programs after they've "walked through" your athletic facilities.  Incoming students can tour all campus housing units and get to know their way around prior to their first day.  Ease the fears of incoming freshman by allowing them to map out their routes to classes.  Transfer students will appreciate being in the know about their new campus.

​3D Showcase for University Buildings

​Click on the photo to tour the facility.

3D Showcase for University sports Facilities